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Неофіційна заплатка Joomla!

CTPAHHuK оновив неофіційну заплатку для Joomla!. В ньому здійнюються усі відомі виправлення та доповнення станом на 10.01.06.

Завантажити файли оновлення можна з форуму російської сторінки підтримки Joomla! -

Увага! Поновлення призначене лише для оригінальної, англійської версії Joomla! 1.0.5. 

Перелік змін: 

Patch 03
 * SECURITY : Fixed Security Vulnerability in TinyMCE Compressor
 * SECURITY: Fixed artf2950 : Information leak with Vcard hide function
 ^ VCard param option for new Contacts now set to `hide`
 # Fixed DOMIT bugs identified by sarahk:
 # Fixed artf2793 : New user confirmation link warning on login
 # Fixed artf2732 : Pagination in the Blog section/category doesnt work
 # Fixed artf2943 : Incorrect Redirect for Weblinks
 # Fixed artf2945 : Undefined constant in php_http_exceptions.php
 # Fixed artf2933 : Pathway problem on Windows
 ^ changed mod_archive so that no Itemid is assigned, meaning it uses the default temid=99999999
 # Fixed artf2738 : Incorrect SEF links for archive com_content links
 # Fixed artf1809 : mospagebreak problem with "Special Characters"
 # Fixed artf2861 : article_seperator glitch
 # Fixed artf2825 : RSS module SEF urls

Patch 02
 * SECURITY: Fixed artf2050 : Itemid in index2.php
 # Fixed Related items Module shows Expired items - Mambo Tracker [#7590]
 # Fixed artf2185 : Changing weblinks possible for everyone
 ^ Updated copyright information for iCandy Junior icons
 # Fixed XHTML validation error in `Blog` view with decmimal value widths

Patch 01
 # Fixed XHTML validation error in `Table - Content Category`
 # Fixed artf2791 : RSS item links not SEF'd
 # Fixed artf2791 : RSS items have no category
 # Fixed artf2813 : Media Manager doesn't support ICO files
 # Fixed artf2802 : All content made bold for Rss module published on the frontpage
 # Fixed artf2780 : Newsflash Read More bad link
 # Fixed artf2786 : Newsflash module not picking up "linked title" global setting
 # Fixed artf2810 : 1.0.x changelog incorrectly states release date of 1.0.5
 # Fixed `Unlimited` banner impressions option
 # Fixed artf2776 : Multiple banners not possible
 # Fixed artf2788 : admin template css errors
 # Fixed artf2646 : name="" not valid XHTML
 # Fixed artf2747 : title_alias is missing in mambots
 # Fixed `Reset Clicks` button not working in admin component `Banner Manager`
 # Fixed artf2712 : Clicks reset on save
 ^ SEF error handling throws to new /templates/404.php file
 # Rolled back changes to database::insertObject
 + New prototype MySQL 5 driver
 # Fixed a bug with 404 header being returned for homepage when SEF activated
 # Fixed a bug with all items on frontpage returning Itemid=1 (duplicate content)